A REALTOR Guide to New Anti-Spam Rules

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (Office Presentation)

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CREA Summary Guide)

Tip Sheet: Best Practises for Backing up your Computer Data

Tip Sheet:  
An Easy Way to Get Client Testimonials & to Give Thanks

Tip Sheet:  
iPad 101 for REALTORS

The New CREB "Conditional Sale Disclosure Instruction" Rule Change

Copy of the CREB Conditional Sale Disclosure Instruction form

Legal Lou:  Condition of Property at Possession

LegalEase:  Tenancy-at-Will

Real Estate Transactions and the Current Flooding Situation

Language Unbecoming a Real Estate Professional (Suites)

REALTOR Safety Mini-Quiz #1

Builder/REALTOR - Code

Builder/REALTOR - Members

Builder/REALTOR - Registration Form

5 Tips for a More Effective Open House

6 W's of Notices

Home Inspection Policy

Home Surveillance Systems - Legal Lou

2013 Standard Forms Changes

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The Annual Homeowner's Check-up

Terms vs. Conditions - Legal Lou

Ins & Outs of Condo Parking - REIX Perspective

Sutton Email Address + Gmail

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Your Cell Phone is Not a Fire Alarm

13 Ideas to Bring Your Game to the Next Level in 2013

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Motivating Your Clients to Recommend You

Tip Sheet: 
Making First Contact with Your Referral Source

Tip Sheet: 10 Things to Remember When Dealing with Multiple Offers 

 Tip Sheet: 
Real Estate Trust Deposits

Tip Sheet: 
8 Ways to Think Safety at Open Houses 

Tip Sheet: 
Dealing with Unrepresented Sellers

Tip Sheet: 
4 Tips for a Successful Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign

Tip Sheet: 
The Importance of After-Sale Follow-up

Tip Sheet: 
Forwarding Your Email